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Onkyo TX-NR626 7.2 Network 3D AV Receiver Black TXNR626

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Onkyo TX-NR626 7.2 Network 3D AV Receiver Black TXNR626

Onkyo TX-NR626 Network 7.2 3D AV Home Cinema Reciever TXNR626

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi now built-in, the class-leading Onkyo TXNR626 is more impressive than ever.


With a meaty 120 watts per channel, the Onkyo TXNR626 offers serious clout. Onkyo's WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) makes all the difference against its rivals. WRAT gives a more dynamic sound with a punchier bass response. Added to this is a discrete output stage. By using discrete (separate) components rather than an IC chip, superior quality components can be used for a more detailed sound quality. Combined with this is Onkyo's Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry, for the front and centre channels. This reduces distortion to much lower levels giving a crisp and pure sound quality.


With seven rather than five channels, the TXNR626 adds front effect speakers for a more enveloping sound. You also get the additional benefit of the more advanced Dolby ProLogic IIz processor, which enhances TV viewing in surround. If you were wondering what the "7.2" channel output means, that's explained by the TXNR626 twin subwoofer outputs. When used in this way you get a better spread of bass and can use two smaller, but "faster" sounding subwoofers for a tighter, better controlled bass. As an alternative to using the seven channel outputs, you can use the standard five but with the front speakers bi-amped. This gives added control and is especially impressive in stereo mode when you'll hear a much broader and better controlled sound.


Going one stage further than conventional 1080p upscaling, this processor has the power to upscale to twice that level! With 4K the horizontal pixel count of 1080p TV increases from 1920 to around 4000 (there are several formats all offering slight variations). With 4K screens beginning to make more of an appearance this year, by equipping this Onkyo AV receiver with 4K upscaling, Onkyo have engineered in comprehensive levels of future proofing. In the meantime you can also upscale signals to 1080p for the best image quality with Full HD TVs and projectors. The HDMI sockets now also allow 4K pass-through, for hassle free switching and viewing without the receiver needing to be turned on.


Always a strong point, the Onkyo TXNR626 is better than ever when it comes to network connectivity. For the first time, Onkyo has equipped the TXNR626 with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. Pair up with your tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device and stream your stored music straight to the receiver - wire free! Also new is built-in wi-fi. This means you can connect to your home hub without the need for a separate wi-fi dongle. Once connected up, the TXNR626 still has some of the finest networking features. You can access a massive range of Internet radio stations plus cloud-based music servers such as the hugely popular and Spotify. In addition to this, DLNA certification ensures it's easy to stream music from your laptop or PC. Added together, this streaming flexibility makes the TXNR626 much more than just an AV receiver, it makes it a complete music server.


Like many of its rivals, the Onkyo TX-NR626 features the option of an app based control. Available free for either Apple or Android devices, the control app lets you use your smartphone as a clear and comprehensive controller. Unlike others, however, the TXNR626 also features InstaPrevue. This innovative new technology uses the HDMI connections to preview other sources via picture-in-picture. Brilliant for seamless source switching, InstaPrevue is a joy to use.


No fewer than six HDMI sockets are provided with one now being MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) compatible. This lets you stream video at up to 1080p from compatible smartphones. Added to this are twin HDMI outputs, making the TX-NR626 ideal for using with both a TV and a projector. The TXNR626 also features an active/passive Zone 2 output - perfect for music in another room. There's also a front-mounted USB socket. By connecting to the USB, your Apple device or MP3 player benefits from a digital connection. This gives a direct signal and, hence, purer sound quality than using a conventional dock or analogue input. Being musically minded, the TXNR626 comes with an MM phono stage - enabling you to connect up a record deck without the need for a separate phono pre-amp. Finally, all the speaker connections feature 4mm banana sockets for the best quality connection possible.

Thanks to better network connectivity than ever, the Onkyo TXNR626 has consolidated its position as the complete all-rounder to beat.

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